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2014-2015 SkillsUSA Electrathon Racing

As the start of the new school year is upon us here is some exciting and important information.

The SkillsUSA State Championships will be held at the Lakeland Center in April.  Dates are not set but it will be held over two days.  We will hold races both days.  The regional competition will be held locally at Tampa Bay Tech, Middleton High School and Erwin Technical Center.  The skills competition, our races, will be on the first day.  Dates are not set but it will be early February.

SkillsUSA competitions are held during the week so no weekend racing.

When talking with Dale Fasenmeyer, the District Rep for SkillsUSA, we talked about requirements for Electrathon Clubs to participate.  The take away from the meeting is SkillsUSA = S.T.E.M. = Electrathon.  That means just about any program with an electrathon car is eligible.  High School and Post Secondary

Electrathon Of Tampabay will be holding a meeting in August and the regional SkillsUSA will hold an organizational meeting in Sept.  I will be at both meetings so stand by for more detailed information.

Vic. Nieves                                                                                                                                                                                                      ETO Program Director