Executive Board

Charles Harrison, Executive Director
Retired Lieutenant
State of Florida, CPP/CPTED Practitioner

VACANT – President

Gilbert (Jim) Truitt, Vice President and Co-Founder
Retired, Computer Science Instructor and Engineer, Hillsborough County Public Schools

Patricia (Trish) Ralph, Executive Secretary/Recording Secretary Retired Affordable Trailer Repair Service and Fabrication LLC

Fredi Beck, Director Public Relations and Treasurer
Retired Department Manager, Communications, Hillsborough County Public Schools

Michael (Mike) Frederick, Director of Events and Co-Founder
Retired Network Engineer

Nicodemus Brothers, Director of Technology/Communications
Level 15 Technology Mage at LTT Academy

Ryan Norden, Director of Community Outreach
Mechanical Engineer at Phosphorus Free Water Solutions

Todd Thuma, Director of Community Outreach
Teacher of Technology Education at Mulberry High School

VACANT – Director of Community Outreach

Dawn Swanson, Director of Registration / LPN

Ken Fiallos
Executive Director Emeritus (retired) and Founder. In 2008, Ken recruited 4 High Schools (King , Tampa Tech, Middleton Brandon) , and a Board of Directors and incorporated a non-profit Corporation ETO and set up its  website . On Feb. 14th  2009,  ETO held its 1st race “Cool Runnings” at USF’s Engineering Expo and ETO was born.

Email: info@electrathonoftampabay.org