Executive Board

Charles Harrison, Executive Director
Retired Lieutenant
State of Florida, Crime Prevention Practitioner

VACANT – President

Gilbert (Jim) Truitt, Vice President and Co-Founder
Retired, Computer Science Instructor and Engineer, Hillsborough County Public Schools

Patricia (Trish) Parsons, Executive Secretary/Recording Secretary

Fredi Beck, Director Public Relations and Treasurer
Retired Department Manager, Communications, Hillsborough County Public Schools

VACANT – Director of Communications

Michael (Mike) Frederick, Director of Events and Co-Founder
Retired Network Engineer

Brady Weber, Director of Community Outreach

Ryan Norden, Director of Community Outreach

Todd Thuma, Director of Community Outreach

VACANT – Director of Community Outreach

Nicodemus Brothers, Director of Technology

Dawn Swanson, Director of Registration

Ken Fiallos
Executive Director Emeritus (retired) and Founder. In 2008, Ken recruited 4 High Schools (King , Tampa Tech, Middleton Brandon) , and a Board of Directors and incorporated a non-profit Corporation ETO and set up its  website . On Feb. 14th  2009,  ETO held its 1st race “Cool Runnings” at USF’s Engineering Expo and ETO was born.

Email: info@electrathonoftampabay.org