Robofest 2017 World Championship – June 1-3, 2017


Electrathon of Tampa Bay will be a part of the Robofest 2017 World Championship. We will have two cars on display with team members available to answer questions and hand out flyers about our organization all three days.

Robofest 2017 World Championship will be held on June 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, hosted by the City of St. Pete Beach. The event will be held at 7701 Boca Ciega Drive, St. Pete Beach, Florida. Teams will be coming from all of the world to compete at this event.

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2017 World Robotics Championship





ETO had a great 2016-2017 Race Season, we held nine races and had teams represent ETO at races in Pensacola (Five Flags Speedway – took 5 of 9 trophies), Quitman Georgia (Run for the Peaches race was cancelled week of race) and Leeds Alabama (Barber Motorsports Park – took 4 of 7 trophies).

Our last race of the season was held on May 13, 2017 in Cocoa Florida at the Energy Whiz Olympics. We want to thank Florida Solar Energy Center and The University of Central Florida (Susan, Kevin, Penny and Lillian) and everyone else that made the event a success.

A special thank you goes out to Rodney (Tiger Racing) and Lillian (Florida Solar Energy Center) for all of their help on Friday morning with setting up the course and safety barriers.

On Saturday morning a special thank you goes to Brandon and Middleton High Schools for helping with the tower and final course preparations.

We had a total of 12 teams and 19 cars registered for this race. Some of the teams came from Milton Florida (Archer Racing), Davie Florida (Pro EV Racing) and Hialeah Florida (Tiger Racing) to name a few of the travelers.

The lineup for the first race had 16 cars when the green flag dropped at 10am. By the second lap of the race the other three teams were on the track setting a new first race record of 19 cars. The first race went well as the drivers got used to the 1500’ track that had some tight turns and changes in elevation. We had a few teams that were challenged during the first race. Tiger Racing had the rivets’ come out of their floor pan when they found the one bad spot on the entire track, the chain came off of a few cars and we even had the Titan Racing Team battery strap break causing a battery to slide across the track at one of the turns. Due to all of our ETO safety measures no one was hurt in any of the issues and the cars were back in the race in a timely manner.

Between races teams were able to grab some lunch from the food trucks and walk around the Energy Whiz Olympics that had so many interesting competitions. The Western High School Solar Cats from Davie Florida had a solar powered vehicle displayed at the Energy Whiz Olympics and had the opportunity to give our road course a try with their solar powered vehicle. The vehicle did very well and impressed our ETO racers.

The lineup for our second race had 17 cars when the green flag dropped at 1pm. By the second lap the other two teams were on the track setting our second race record of 19 cars. The second race had a few interesting moments when Palm Bay Magnet and Pro EV went into a turn at the same time coming extremely close to one another causing Pro EV to hit the brakes, causing the back side of the car to slide sideways. Electrocutioners car #90 had their chain come off, locking up the rear wheel which caused the car to spin out.

At the end of the race day the results were:

High School Division 1st Middleton #365, 2nd Middleton #80, 3rd Middleton #133, 4th Brandon #14, 5th Palm Bay Magnet #101, 6th Brandon #9, 7th Brandon #60, 8th Brandon #30

Open Division 1st Tiger #4, 2nd Archer #321, 3rd Titans #242, 4th Hillsborough Community College #13, 5th Silver Bullet #94, 6th University of Central Florida #823

Advanced Battery Division 1st Electrocutioners #72, 2nd Pro EV #39, 3rd Electrocutioners #8, 4th University of South Florida #132, 5th Electrocutioners #90

We held the 2016-2017 Race Season Awards Ceremony since all of our teams were present and able to be part of the ceremony.

High School Division Season Points (Top 5) 1st Middleton #365, 2nd Brandon #14, 3rd Middleton #80, 4th Middleton #133, 5th Brandon #9

Open Division Season Points (Top 5) 1st Tiger #4, 2nd Hillsborough Community College #13, 3rd Silver Bullet #94 (aka Robinson and Son Racing) 4th Titans #242, 5th University of Central Florida #823

Advanced Battery Division (Top 5) 1st Electrocutioners #72, 2nd Electrocutioners #8, 3rd Pro EV #39, 4th Electrocutioners #90, 5th University of South Florida #132

Most laps for the season were:

High School Division – Brandon #14

Open Division – Tiger Racing #4

Advanced Battery Division – Electrocutioners #72

The members of ETO surprised ETO President Charles Harrison with a plaque for Board Member of the Year.

On behalf of Electrathon of Tampa Bay, we wish everyone a safe and enjoyable summer and thank everyone for their support.

We are already starting to plan our race season for 2017-2018.



Our last race of the season is approaching quickly, this year the course will be more challenging than others that we have had at this event. We have 12 teams signed up and a total of 19 cars expected to be lined up when the green flag drops for the first race to begin. We will require some flag assistance so please check in with Mike Frederick (Race Steward). When the race day is over, we will present the awards for this race and then we will have our end of the year awards ceremony.

2017 FSEC Race Course Final


Visit this drop box link for pictures from this trip to Alabama and the race:

Electrathon of Tampa Bay had a good showing at this race in Alabama. Middleton High School had three cars in the High School Division, University of South Florida and Pro EV had cars in the Advanced Battery Division and Tiger Racing was in the Open Division. Our teams met at a rental house and worked on cars the day before in preparation for the race. Teams worked beside one another getting the cars ready. When the race day was over, our Electrathon of Tampa Bay Teams were a winner in each division.

University of South Florida Car 132 – 2nd Place Advanced Battery Division

Tiger Racing Car 04 – 2nd Place Open Division

Pro EV Car 39 – 1st Place Advanced Battery Division

Middleton High School Car 365 – 2nd Place High School Division



May 8, 2017 Barber Motor Sports, Leeds Alabama

Electrathon of Tampa Bay will have High School, Open and Experimental Battery Division teams represent our group at this out of state race in Alabama. Our teams have been working on their cars so that they can compete and bring home an out of state trophy. ETO will hand out flyers to others teams at this race to attract interest in our website and races. This is a great opportunity for our teams to show others what Electrathon of Tampa Bay is all about.

2017 Barber Motor Sports



Due to unforeseen circumstances, Don Morgan had to cancel the last Run for the Peaches Race at Brooks County High School. Don Morgan retires this year and does not know what the future holds for his high school Electrathon team. We are excited to here that Don was nominated and chosen Vice President of Electrathon America. We support and wish Don success in not only his retirement but in his new position with EA. Here are a few pictures from an earlier Run for the Peaches Race.


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May 6, 2017 Run for The Peaches – Quitman Georgia

Electrathon of Tampa Bay will have teams attend this out of state race in Quitman Georgia. We are hoping to bring interest to our website and have other teams join us at our races.



2016 – 2017 Corrected Season Points

We posted our season points and had quite a few members inquire about their total points for the season. The maximum points for placing first at every race after eight race days would be 480 points, some teams had in excess of that amount. Here are the correct season points after eight race days, a total of 16 races.




Electrathon Teams, please make sure to pre-register your teams for this race as it is required by our host. You can click on this link to register.

April 22, 2017 Five Flags Speedway

On April 22, 2017 Electrathon of Tampa Bay was well represented at the Five Flags Speedway Race. We had five teams with a total of nine cars that attended. The event drew a total of nineteen teams with thirty three cars. Thank you Vaughn Nichols, Five Flags Speedway, Sponsors, Volunteers and The Chiefs that made this race day outstanding. At lunch time we were served hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, cookies and drinks. Brandon High School, Middleton High School, University of South Florida, Pro EV and Tiger Racing raced and were able to secure five out of nine trophies. Go to this link to check out the race day events along with other teams represented and their Electrathon cars.

Middleton Car 365 took 2nd Place in the High School Division

4 Second Place High School

Tiger Racing Car 4 took 3rd Place in the Open Division

6 Third Place Open

Pro EV Car 39 took 1st Place in the Open Division

8 First Place Open

 Tiger Racing Car 4 took 3rd Place in Overall for the day

9 Third Place Overall

Pro EV Car 39 took 1st Place in Overall for the day

11 First Place Overall

University of South Florida Car 132 came in fourth in the Open Division