ETO posted that the new track record for Brandon High School was set this past race. We were asked to check last years results and found the track record for Brandon HS speed event was done by Pro EV Car 39 in 2017 with a time of 24.308 in one race and a 24.608 in the other. We are still compiling all race results from our past 10 years to develop a master file of the fastest lap at each track and the length of each track.

ETO also struck the wrong number key in reporting Titans Car 242 total of laps for the Brandon Race. In the first race they completed 29 laps and the second race 31 laps for a total of 60 rather than 80.

We want to thank those that take the time to review the information we send out and bring things to our attention to check on. It means that everyone is committed to ETO and making us the best Electrathon Group in the USA.

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