2019 2020 Race Season Executive Board Member of the Year

Vic has been around Electrathon of Tampa Bay since its beginning. His dedication to the students, community and our organization must be recognized. Vic worked at Tampa Bay Technical and Brandon High Schools and sponsored their Electrathon Teams at our events. After Vic retired he continued to give to the students and community. Vic has gone out to our schools to check on and work with existing teams so they can get back onto the track and visited new schools that are coming on board to assist them with getting their team organized and ready to hit the track. Vic comes out the day before our event to help set up the track and venue (tires, cones, yellow tape, bike barriers makes no difference to Vic) so that we have a safe and exciting race day. On race day Vic arrives at the crack of dawn to help set up the scoring tower, registration area and final preparations of the track and venue. Vic walks the track looking for anything that may damage a cars tire and makes sure that Charlie did not make the turns to tight, At most races you can find Vic with a broom cleaning off the sand, leaves or water so that our drivers are safe and have fun. It does not stop there, after the race Vic is coordinating with others to get everything taken down, picked up, cleaned up so that we leave the venue in great condition when we leave. Vic is the one that observes everything and writes up the articles for our website after a race day. Vic is an asset to Electrathon of Tampa Bay / Electrathon of Florida because he is able to assist in so many ways in any capacity.

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