Electrathon 2020 2021 Season Approaching safety and health guidelines implemented

Electrathon of Tampa Bay/Electrathon of Florida understands the importance of safety and the well being of our students/members and community. We are moving forward with our 2020–2021 Race Season so that our students/members still have some outdoor STEM recreation/learning during these trying times. We have implemented health and safety guidelines for/at all future events.

Anyone that does not feel well are encouraged to stay home as the health/safety of everyone is more important than attending the event.

All events will be held outdoors where airflow and sun will allow for a safer environment rather than one that is indoors. We will not have any indoor meetings of teams or members at any of our events.

Signs will be posted at the entrances to our events to remind everyone of social distancing guidelines to protect everyone that is in attendance.

Everyone at our events will be required to practice social distancing so that we do not have to cancel the season which affects students learning and having some outdoor recreation.

Hand sanitizer or the ability to wash the hands will be available at each event. Team Sponsors will oversee this while team members are in the pit area.

We ask that each of our Team Sponsors, know in advance, the number of participants in their group that will be attending. Each team will be permitted no more than 8 (including sponsor) members in their canopy/pit area.

The pit area will have team canopies a minimum of 10’ apart.

Team members in the pit area (while working together on their car) will be required to wear a face mask when they cannot practice social distancing. Each Team Sponsor will oversee their teams pit area.

Race inspection team will still inspect each car and will be required to wear a face mask while in each pit area for their safety and others.

The registration area will have minimal amount of members required to check in teams and guests. Registration/payments/transponders will be handled by Dawn Swanson and Patricia Parsons, Scoring will be handled by Charles Harrison.

The registration area will have only one team signing in/weighing driver at a time. While signing in, a mask will be required by everyone for their safety.

Team Sponsors will be the only one permitted in the scoring area during a race to check on the team performance so they can make adjustments to their driver if needed.

Drivers meeting will consist of only the drivers from each team driving in that day’s race(s), Team Sponsor and other team members should not attend the drivers meeting. Drivers meeting area will allow for social distancing.

Fifteen minutes before each race starts, teams will line up their cars in compliance to the Race Stewards directions. A face mask will be worn if social distancing cannot be accomplished during last minute preparations on the line up.

Between races the pit area will be managed by each Team Sponsor(s). If social distancing cannot be accomplished, members will be required to wear a face mask.

Once the races are completed, venue is cleaned up; the awards ceremony will take place. Photo of the team’s drivers with the award will be the only ones taken so that social distancing can be maintained.

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