September 19, 2020 HCC Race Info Update

Hillsborough Community College has been wonderful to work with as we work out the final details for the first race of the 2020-2021 season. 

As our first race of the season gets closer, there are a few more items that everyone must know that are added to our guidelines previously posted on our website.

HCC campus President has added a few more safety guidelines.
1. No fans circulating airflow
2. Mask worn at all times
3. Only participants allowed to attend, no guests or spectators

ETO has added online payment option for the race fees via PayPal. This can be found on our website under donate. If paying via PayPal, teams must pay $42.00, for one car, $52.00 for two cars to cover the fees for transactions.

ETO will supply and require each participant to wear a glove when signing in on liability waivers at the registration desk. Participants must have and wear their own masks.

ETO will email the car inspection forms to each team, please print and fill out the forms with all information. Once they are filled out, send completed forms to Dawn Swanson:
Please submit not later than September 16th so she can print them and have ready for our inspector at the race.

Teams with participants, under 18 years of age must turn in a student liability/parent liability waiver for each participate under 18. Bring signed forms to registration desk when you sign in.


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