April 15 2019 Barber Motorsports – Leeds Alabama

On Sunday, April 14, 2019 after the storms / tornado rolled through the area, Electrathon of Tampa Bay Teams headed out of their hotel in Valley Alabama and headed to Leeds Alabama for the Barber Motorsports Electrathon Races that were going to happen on Monday, April 15, 2019. When we arrived and checked into our hotel it was still early. We all headed to the Barber Motorsports Complex to their awesome museum. While there, we were able to see the Chin Racing Team on the track before heading into the museum.


What a display of history, a must see if ever in the area.

On Monday, Teams lined up at the entrance waiting for the okay to enter. Once inside the canopies got set up, cars and equipment unloaded and final work on the cars began.

Teams at this event were:
USF car 48 (Sai), USF car 132 (John/Stephen), Tiger car 4 (Rodney), Ryno car 365 (Ryan) and ETO car 60 (Charlie).

USF 48 was dominate in each race, USF 132 was able to compete in the first race but was not able to get back out on the track for the second race as they blew their battery charger. Ryno 365 did well both races, Tiger 4 had to be towed in towards the end of the first race as the front weld on the axel let go. Rodney got out his welder, fixed the weld and added additional support pieces and raced well the second race. ETO 60 did well the first race and completed 5 laps before the batteries died and in the second race it did well until the batteries died again.

At the end of the day, USF 48 (Sai) took first place, Ryno 365 (Ryan) took second place and Archer Racing 321 (Steve) took third place.

Next year ETO wants to have a number of our High School Teams attend this race as it is a 2.38 mile track that our teams would enjoy.

April 12, 13, 2019 Chambers County Career Tech Race

On April 12th and 13th, teams from Electrathon of Tampa Bay competed on an awesome course with hills (up and down), chicanes and cooler weather than in Tampa. Thanks to Chambers County Career Tech Center and Seth Stehouwer for the invite.

On the 12th the Electrathon cars raced:
USF car 48/68 laps (Sai), Archer Racing car 321/66 laps (Steve), Tiger car 4/59 laps (Rodney), Chambers car 212/37 laps, ETO car 60 (an antique with old batteries) 30 laps (Charlie) and USF car 132/24 laps (Stephen) and a smoking trail as they burned up their controller preventing them from finishing lap 25.

Seth and his volunteers fed us BBQ sandwiches, chips, cookies/ice cream and drinks.

On the 13th the Green Power cars took the track for their High School and then Middle School races. These students are amazing, their drive and dedication was noticed by all during their 90 minute races. One of the car bodies is made with chicken wire, insulation foam, painters tape and fiberglass. Very sleek looking car 106, the team all wore shirts that said NERD.

The Electrathon cars took the course again and did well:
USF car 48/73 laps (Sai), Archer Racing car 321/61 laps (Steve), Tiger car 4/50 laps (Rodney), Chambers car 212/53 laps, ETO car 60/23 laps (John/Stephen/Charlie) and USF car 132 never left the pits.
The Green Power cars HS and then MS took the track again for their second 90 minute races, each of these cars have a cute horn that ETO should implement into our race team cars so drivers can honk at one another to move over.

Thanks again for the invite to Chamber County Career Tech Center.

Electrathon of Tampa Bay Heads to alabama

We have teams leaving on Wednesday and Thursday for Alabama to compete at Chambers County Grand Prix/Chambers County Career Tech Center. Races will be held Friday, April 12th and Saturday, April 13th.

From there we head out on Sunday for Leeds Alabama to race at Barber Motorsports Park on Monday, April 15th.

ETO Teams USF #48 and #132, RYNO #365, Tiger #4 and the antique ETO #60 are confirmed. We have not been able to confirm if Pro EV #39 will be attending. Good Luck Teams

April 6 2019 Bonn Voyage To Fredi and Tom

FREDI / TOM BECK WILL BE MISSED / BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN Fredi Beck who has been a VERT IMPORTANT part of Electrathon Of Tampa Bay for many years has retired from the School District and she and Tom will be leaving for Indiana in 2 weeks.

A going away party was held at Square One Burgers Saturday after the races and was attended by about 30 ETO supporters. Ryans dad supplied a nice cake.

Speaches and memories were shared by many in attendance. Then Fredi and Tom were presented with His and Hers Ice Scrapers as a going away present. Remember they are going to Warsaw Indiana where its in the low 30s high 20s for daily highs and nightly lows are in the low 20s high teens.

Fredi was presented a framed Checkered Flag signed by most of our members. Mike Fredricks had a plaque made up to mount on the glass of the frame.

April 6 2019 Smashing Good Time at Brandon High School Dash Races


The last local race on the season is in the books. High School, College, Open Class and Advanced Battery teams put in some FAST laps on the 1/4 mile track at Brandon. We thank Brandon High School Principal, Jennifer Sparano and new Team Sponsor Tim Ruman for allowing us to use their facility.

On a regular race day there are two one hour endurance races with ALL classes and cars on the track at the same time. Heats for this race were 20 minutes instead of one hour. In the dash races it was High School class racing by itself and Open and Advanced Battery together.

We were honored to have representatives of the upcoming Great American Celebration of Speed At Daytona International Speedway (celebratespeed.com) in attendance. We will be participating in their event October 10, 11, 12, 2019. They came over to see our cars and how we run our races. They also participated in our Sponsors Race.

In the Advanced class it was the new/old kid on the block taking both races. Ryan Norden racing as team Ryno (driver Neil) and the advanced battery car #365 put up 41 and 43 laps for a total of 84 laps over two heats. USF #132 car had problems in both races. The USF #48 car didn’t run the first race and was slated to run the second race,  more on that later.

Advanced finish order was Ryno #365 1st, USF #132 2nd. 

Tiger Racing #4 car and Silver Bullet/Robinson Racing #94 car battled it out for the two twenty minute heats. In the first heat it was Silver Bullet/Robinson (race time of 20.15) over Tiger #4 (race time of 20.18) and in the second heat it was Sliver Bullet/Robinson winning again over (race time of 20.21) Tiger #4 (race time of 20.22) both cars having 79 laps on the 1/4 mile track at the end of the day. The #60 car driven by Ryan Norden the first race and Todd Thuma the second race is one of the oldest cars in our area still running. It started life at King High School at least 10 years ago and has been in and out of storage since. The cars body is an old traffic signal box so it is quite unique. An oldie that still finished just 10 laps behind (69 lap two race total) Silver Bullet/Robinson and Tiger Racing.

Open Class finish order Silver Bullet/Robinson #94 1st, Tiger #4 2nd and Ryno II #60 3rd.

High School Class saw Mulberry High School and Simmons Career Center continue their season long battle.

In the first heat it was Mulberry #38 car (race time of 20.11) over the Simmons #35 car (race time of 20.13) with the Simmons #53 car taking 3rd (race time of 20.22).

In the second race it was Mulberry #38 (race time of 20.05) with Brooks DeBartolo #55 (race time of 20.18) and Simmons #35 (race time of 21.38)

High School Finish order Mulberry #38 1st, Simmons #35 2nd, Simmons #53 3rd and Brooks DeBartolo #55 4th.

Sponsors Race is a special race we do once a year where team sponsors and V.I.P.s see if they can keep up with their regular drivers. This year we had several V.I.Ps and our Brandon High School host Tim, the new Auto Tech Instructor took his turn behind the wheel.

Teams let the rookies use one of their cars for the race. Not sure if that will continue in the future as we had the most spectacular crash on the first lap. In the past we have given out a trophy, the I Broke Mine, to the team or driver who had the most memorable mishap on the track. This year we may have to rename it the They Broke Mine.

One of the reps from Daytona, who will remain nameless, was the lucky driver who got to drive the USF #48 rocket car. He did a wonderful job demonstrating the sturdiness and safety of Electrathon cars. If we scored like gymnastics he would have scored at leas an 11 for form and originality with one spin-out and multiple flips and sticking the landing on his side. Happy to report that the driver was walking and talking as soon as we got him out of the car. Bumps and sore but OK. The car on the other hand was not so lucky. We are glad that he is okay, cars can be rebuilt/replaced.

The car was taken over to Jim Robinsons shop in Titusville for emergency surgery and was back in shape, more or less, by Sunday night. The USF guys will be taking it to Alabama for races in Chambers County and at Barber Motorsoprts Park.   

This year, drivers in advanced battery cars were not eligible for placing in this race. Here are their results: Brandon Sponsor Tim Ruman completed 34 laps in Ryno #365 car and the driver in #48 car from USF stopped racing at turn three. Our lead acid racers finish: Simmons Sponsor William Knight in the #35 car was 1st with 36 laps. Executive Board Intern Nicodemus Brothers in the old King #60 Car was 2nd with 29 laps, Brooks DeBartolo Sponsor Chris Hochman in the #55 car was 3rd with 23 laps and Mulberry Sponsor Todd Thuma in #38 car was 4th with 11 laps due to old loaner batteries.

Last Local Race Of The Season Is At Brandon High School and A Send Off For Fredi and Tom

Saturday, April 6th is our last local race of the season. It is our Speed Event where teams go for speed instead of endurance. Race day is broken up into multiple 20 minute segments instead of 1 hour events.

Teams will race in their class instead of as one large group. The strategy is totally different as gear ratios, motor set ups and computer setups are different than long distance. You will not kill a set of batteries in 20 minutes like you could in a one hour event.

Between events there will be a Sponsors Race. This is where team sponsors will take a turn in the cars, it they can fit, and see how they do compared to their team drivers.

Come out and see the races and wish Fredi and Tom good luck in their next chapter. Most people retire and move to Florida. But not Fredi and Tom. They will be leaving shortly for their new home in Indiana. Something about being closer to family. Fredi has been a very big part of the success of our program over the years and we will miss her greatly.

There will be an ETO event at Square 1 Burgers in Brandon starting at 5.p.m. to formally send them off on their next adventure. 2042 Badlands Drive in Brandon between Brandon Parkway and Providence Rd. There is a separate room reserved in the back. Adult beverages are available. Teams are encouraged to do something special on their own if they choose for Fredi and Tom.


Brandon Eagle 120 Dash April 6, 2019

Electrathon of Tampa Bay will hold their next event on April 6, 2019 at Brandon High School, located at 1101 Victoria Street, Brandon Florida 33510.

This event is one of our most exciting events for our teams and members. Our ETO Teams, Sponsors/Principals and Executive Board Members will DASH around the oval track at the safest and fastest rate of speed that their car can perform for 20 minutes. Once again, the key is “SAFEST”. Our race steward will black flag any driver/car that is not operating with safe driving techniques.

We will have members of the Great American Celebration of Speed attending this event to observe and learn more about ETO as they have invited us to their upcoming World Event on October 11 – 13, 2019 at Daytona Speedway. It will be an honor to have them at our event in preparation of us joining them in October.

Bring the entire family to this FREE, FUN, FILLED day of Electrathon Racing.



Lennard High School Longhorn 120 Sets Record


Racing on the track at Lennard High School for the first time was a huge success. Lennard’s Team had their cars back on the track after an extended absence and took 3rd in the High School Class against some tough competition.

The track at Lennard is in great shape. It is 8 lanes wide and seal coated which made for some fast lap times and minimum tire wear. Thank you Team Sponsor Jim Reve for making sure we had a great race day and a special thank you to his wife and volunteers for doing their fundraiser that had great food and drinks for all.

In the Advanced Battery Class it was USF in their 48 car running a perfect race and setting a record of 230 laps on the 1/4 mile track over two races with the best lap time of 26.914. USF Team sold one of their cars, the 132 car, to Ryan Norden formerly of Middleton High and Duck car infamy. He did very well for his first time out in the Lithium powered car. Everything was doing well in the first race until he had a flat tire late in the race and had to withdraw. In the second race he put up an impressive 103 laps finishing second for the day with 196 laps.

In the Open Class it was Silver Bullet/Robinson Racing car 94 and Tiger Racing car 4 going at it again. Silver Bullet/Robinson had a total of 195 laps for the day with a best lap time of 32.213 and Tiger Racing had back to back 94 lap races for a total of 188 laps and a second place in the Open Class.

Jim Robinson designed cars filled the track (9 of the 10 cars). Jim must be doing something right with his designs. His personal car has a suspension integrated into the design. Something about making racing easier on his old bones.

In the High School Class it was Mulberry High School car 38 leading the pack AGAIN. They even took a 3rd in total laps in the second race with 99 laps, beating the open class cars by 3-5 laps. They finished first in the High School Class for the day with 187 laps.
Simmons car 35 had a good day taking 2nd in class with 174 laps for the day. They are working on a new car and should be highly competitive with it. Simmons cars (35 and 53) are running on some old batteries or they would be finishing higher in the standings.
Lennard had both their cars out for this one and did well with their 86 car taking 3rd with 157 laps in the High School Class with a best lap time of 31.151. Their car 78 had battery problems and did not have a good day. It was good to see them back on the track.
The team from Brooks DeBartolo High School had the events of the day in their 55 car. In the first race they did a beautiful spin out on the turn by the start finish line when the driver got the inside wheel into the sand. The car spun and then got going again all in one motion. In the second race we saw something never before seen in a local race. The driver only weighs 105lbs causing the car to require A LOT of ballast, installed and bolted down by the nose of the car, the drivers boots were getting in the way of her working the throttle. Part way thru the race we see the car pull into the grass infield on the far side of the track and we see a shoe being thrown out of the car and an infield crew member giving her another shoe. A few laps later we see the car pull into the grass in the same area and here come the shoes being thrown out of the car again and more shoes being handed to the driver. After the second pit stop for shoes the 55 car ran well for the rest of the race right up till the batteries died and they had to withdraw. Now that is real teamwork.
Brooks like most of the teams in the High School Class are battling a problem with old batteries. Batteries are the single most expensive item in these cars and at $400 + per set times two sets per car, High Schools have a hard time replacing them when needed.

As Seen In The Pits Most teams now have the proper type of battery chargers and some are loaning other teams chargers to help out. Some of the teams are switching to moped tires. They are bigger than the BMX bicycle tires most teams use but will last most of a season instead of a few races. Even saw one team give another team a Master Power Cut Off Switch so they could pass inspection and race.

Our next race is going to be at Brandon High School on April 6th. This will be our DASH EVENT. Multiple 20 minute races and a Sponsors Race. Come out and see us try to fit into these cars.

Charlie already has tentative dates for the 2019/2020 races and is working to finalize one of them at Steinbrenner Field in Tampa another one at DAYTONA SPEEDWAY and a third one at an Airfield in Ft. Myers. Stand by for more info as it becomes available.

Our short timers, Fredi and Tom are packing for their retirement move to Indiana. PLEAS DON’T GO. Isn’t that opposite of what most people do? They are waiting till after the area thaws. We will be having a Going Away event for them as soon as we get a definite get out of town date.

In case you missed it we were on TV Channel 28, they had a short clip of the start of our race on the 11 P.M. news on Saturday night, clip is at the beginning of this write up.


Lennard High School March 9, 2019

Our next race will be held at Lennard High School, located at 2342 Shell Point Road, Ruskin Florida 33570. Thanks to Sponsor Jim Reve ETO will hold our second race day ever at Lennard HS and we are looking forward to a great turnout. Our course will be an oval, on the track at the school. The pit area will be outside of the track/football field in the parking lot. The first race will lineup at 9:45am and the green flag for the 1 hour race will drop at 10 am. The second race will line up at 12:45 and the green flag will drop at 1 pm. Once the second race is completed, teams will assist with course and area clean up before the awards ceremony.

Lennard HS Electrathon Sponsor Jim Reve will have a fundraiser (lunch stuff and coffee). Please support them by purchasing your food and drink items from them.

Bring the entire family to this FREE, FUN FILLED DAY of Electrathon Racing.

Red – Track
Yellow – Safety Tape
Blue – Pits
White – Registration
Green – Scoring Tower

USF Engineering Expo 120


Terrible weather all over the place EXCEPT in Florida. Here we had to deal with an overabundance of sunshine and terribly mild temps. While others were digging out of snow.

Mulberry High School had their cars on display Friday for the USF Engineering Expo, which drew over 8000 students, it was quite a crowd. ETO Fredi and Charlie joined the students from Mulberry High School. Mulberry’s team greeted the visitors and answered questions about their cars and Electrathon racing. They did a great job! It was also a great day for ETO as other schools and enthusiasts stated they wanted to come on board to race and traded contact info.

In the Open Class (or the AARP class this race) saw Rodney Schreck from Tiger Racing car 4 and Jim Robinson and his co driver Jerry Bristow from Robinson Racing car 94 battle it out over the two races. Robinson Racing had ANOTHER NEW CAR (finished just the night before the race) for this race. In the 1st race it was Robinson Racing by four laps. In the 2nd race Rodney changed his gear ratio and it was a fraction of a second difference at the finish (1.00.01 VS 1.00.02). Robinson Racing might have done a little better if not for dragging a chunk of tree moss around the track for most of the second race. Robinson Racing took 1st in class with Tiger Racing in 2nd in class.

In the Advanced Battery Class it was USF car 48 in a class all by themselves. In the 1st race USF put up some impressive numbers with 80 laps. In the 2nd race USF car 48 was again putting up some impressive lap counts. On one of the S curves USF and I Will Mentorship Foundation (IWMF) both tried to occupy the same space, IWMF car 139, a High School Class car, went up on the curb. Neither car received any damage.

In the High School Class it was Mulberry car 38/83 and Simmons 35/53 going at it again. Mulberry car 38 came out on top with a smooth and steady day on the track while car 83 had battery issues. Simmons car 35 broke a weld at the line up for the first race and did not make it back to the track. Mulberry car 38 took 1st place in class, Simmons car 53 was right behind in 2nd place. The new team on the block, I Will Mentorship Foundation (IWMF) came in 3rd in the class and this is only their second race day. They were doing real well. In the first race they went out a little too fast and had to withdraw part way thru when the batteries ran down. In the second race they withdrew after the problem with USF to inspect the car. They are figuring out battery management and their car but still managed a strong 3rd place. Watch out for them in the future. Mulberry’s car 83 finished in 4th place in class.

Our next race will be on the track at Lennard High School. It will be a good opportunity to get some laps for new drivers and test out gear ratios.

Teams should be thinking about the upcoming out of town races at the Barber Motorsports Park in Leeds, Alabama (April 15th, over 50 cars come for the race) and Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola (April 27th over 25 cars come for the race). If interested you need to coordinate with Charlie as soon as possible as ETO will transport high school teams car(s) as long as two high schools agree to attend.