April 12, 13, 2019 Chambers County Career Tech Race

On April 12th and 13th, teams from Electrathon of Tampa Bay competed on an awesome course with hills (up and down), chicanes and cooler weather than in Tampa. Thanks to Chambers County Career Tech Center and Seth Stehouwer for the invite.

On the 12th the Electrathon cars raced:
USF car 48/68 laps (Sai), Archer Racing car 321/66 laps (Steve), Tiger car 4/59 laps (Rodney), Chambers car 212/37 laps, ETO car 60 (an antique with old batteries) 30 laps (Charlie) and USF car 132/24 laps (Stephen) and a smoking trail as they burned up their controller preventing them from finishing lap 25.

Seth and his volunteers fed us BBQ sandwiches, chips, cookies/ice cream and drinks.

On the 13th the Green Power cars took the track for their High School and then Middle School races. These students are amazing, their drive and dedication was noticed by all during their 90 minute races. One of the car bodies is made with chicken wire, insulation foam, painters tape and fiberglass. Very sleek looking car 106, the team all wore shirts that said NERD.

The Electrathon cars took the course again and did well:
USF car 48/73 laps (Sai), Archer Racing car 321/61 laps (Steve), Tiger car 4/50 laps (Rodney), Chambers car 212/53 laps, ETO car 60/23 laps (John/Stephen/Charlie) and USF car 132 never left the pits.
The Green Power cars HS and then MS took the track again for their second 90 minute races, each of these cars have a cute horn that ETO should implement into our race team cars so drivers can honk at one another to move over.

Thanks again for the invite to Chamber County Career Tech Center.

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