Five Flags Speedway Results

On April 27, 2019 the traveling teams from Electrathon of Tampa Bay landed at Five Flags Speedway. Numerous teams arrived after us as everyone from ETO was excited to be at this race and had to get their early. The ETO trailer was full of cars, first to enter the gates and first to be assigned a pit area. The teams liked that.

Electrathon of Tampa Bay thanks Vaughn Nichol and all of the sponsors for inviting us again this year. As they do every year, they provided a great race day, lunch / drinks for all of the teams. Vaughn retired in December 2018 and is enjoying time with the family.

This year, there was a team from St Paul HS in Covington Louisiana. The students built three cars and they look awesome.

They ran lithium batteries and did real well, at the 30 minute mark of the first race they were ahead of USF car 48 until their floor pan dropped out due to the course being so rough.

At the end of the day USF car 48 (Sai) took first place in the open class and first place overall. Our good friend Steve Archer (Archer Racing) of Milton, Florida took second place in the open class and second place overall. Ryno Racing (Ryan) took third place in the open class and third place overall.Tiger Racing car 4 (Rodney) took fourth place in the open class. USF car 132 (John and Stephen) ran well in both races. ETO car 60 the vintage box car ran in both races and even lasted 59 minutes the second race.

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