2019 2020 Race Season New Team Sponsor of the Year

DAVID KOCHER, Plant City High School
David Kocher our new Team Sponsor at Plant City High School has shown the most enthusiasm in such a short time of being with our organization. David came to a few of our races, drove one of the open class cars (Titans) and committed to getting a team up and running at this school. We were able to offer a loaner car to his school, that they have refurbished and almost ready for the track. Because the team car was not ready, David asked Titans Racing (Brady Weber) if his team could drive their car in a race to keep his team momentum going forward. They did well at the race in the Titan loaner car. We were able to offer David a spot at one of our trainings for team sponsors. He spent an entire weekend learning how to build a jig and Electrathon car frame. Since the training, he has got their own jig built for their team to build a new car and arranged for the school to purchase one of the frames we built at the sponsor training. Once their team is up and running, they are going to be a tough competitor. Electrathon of Tampa Bay / Electrathon of Florida (ETO) are proud to have David Kocher and his new team in our ETO family.

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