2019 2020 Race Season Best Lap

(Based on the road course with the most attendees)
Hillsborough Community College Race – September 21, 2019

1st Place – Mulberry HS Car #38, time of 31.449
Team Sponsor: Todd Thuma
2nd Place – Palm Bay Magnet HS Car #101, time of 35.408
Team Sponsor: Rebecca Allen
3rd Place – Brooks-DeBartolo Collegiate HS Car #55, time of 39.079
Team Sponsor: Eric Fernandez

1st Place – Silver Bullet Racing Car #94, time of 30.822
Team Sponsor: Jim Robinson
2nd Place – Tiger Racing Car #4, time of 32.076
Team Sponsor: Rodney Schreck
3rd Place – Hillsborough Community College Car #30, time of 38.754
Team Sponsor: Alex Ambrioso
4th Place – Titans Car #242, time of 41.814
Team Sponsor: Brady Weber

1st Place – University of South Florida Car #48, time of 25.689
Team Sponsors: Aditya Chelikani, Kai Jesson, Kevin Mazzoni
2nd Place – Pro EV Car #39, time of 26.845
Team Sponsor: Cliff Rassweiler

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