2019 2020 Race Season Trainer / Momma of the Year

Jim Robinson has worked with Electrathon of Tampa Bay to develop a training course that teaches how to build a set of jigs required for building a car frame and how to build an Electrathon car frame. Jim has built over 20 cars that are throughout the United States, most of them are here in Florida. He and his wife Christina (now known as Momma Robinson as she even made brownies for us) are making a huge impact on our organization by opening their home for the trainings. Trainings started in June of 2019 and continued until our nation’s crisis arrived. Six individuals attended the weekend training in June 2019. Jim taught us how to build the wooden jigs required to form the components to build the car frame. Two car frames were made during the first training. In January of 2020, a second training was conducted and six more individuals attended. At the end of this weekend two more frames were built. Since then, a train the trainer was conducted over another weekend where the training team built additional jigs for our organization (ETO has two complete jig sets for building a car frame) and fined tuned each trainers knowledge to built the frames. The goal is for Electrathon of Tampa Bay / Electrathon of Florida to conduct trainings for our team sponsors and board members so more teams can be self sufficient in building or designing a new car. The frames that are built during the training are sold to teams so that the program supports itself. Jim has spent hours documenting the building process. Jim has set a new goal for the next training, three car frames in two days; he will oversee three assistant trainers while they instruct teams of two to build a car frame. There are talks of Jim conducting a phase two of the car frame build where individuals that have completed phase one can register after obtaining their funding for the course. Electrathon of Tampa Bay / Electrathon of Florida are proud and honored to have Jim Robinson and Chris (Momma Robinson) in our ETO family.

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