2019 2020 Race Season Mentor of the Year

RODNEY SCHRECK, Tiger Racing Team
Rodney Schreck has been a part of Electrathon Racing for more than two decade. Traveling all of the United States to attend races before Electrathon of Tampa Bay was formed. Over the years, Rodney has built a number of cars and documented his testing and evaluations of his car(s) performance. Rodney drove up from South Florida to attend a team work day at Simmons. He assisted Jim Robinson with the first training for our team sponsors and Board Members on how to build a jig and frame of an Electrathon car. Anytime there is a training or work day, Rodney is part of the group. His dedication to Electrathon Racing does not end there. Rodney assists when possible the day before to set up the race venue and arrives early on race day to assist with the scoring tower and set up for the races and tear down of everything after the races, walks the track removing debris and makes suggestions if there are concerns He is seen from time to time roaming around the pit area, talking with teams and their sponsors about their cars. Electrathon of Tampa Bay / Electrathon of Florida (ETO) are proud to have Rodney Schreck in our ETO family.

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