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2019 2020 Race Season Business Partner of the Year

GREAT FLORIDA INSURANCE, Lakeland FL, Owner: Debbie Dixon
Debbie Dixon is our insurance agent; she has worked with us for many years to acquire the correct insurance coverage at a reasonable rate to cover all nine of our events. Each year Debbie gathers our information for the race season, sends it to the underwriters for quotes. Recently she was able to secure a renewable (annually) policy which will make it easier to complete and secure our insurance each race season.
Feel free to contact Debbie at Great Florida Insurance, Lakeland (Debbie Dixon) for a free insurance quote.

2019 2020 Race Season Executive Board Member of the Year

Vic has been around Electrathon of Tampa Bay since its beginning. His dedication to the students, community and our organization must be recognized. Vic worked at Tampa Bay Technical and Brandon High Schools and sponsored their Electrathon Teams at our events. After Vic retired he continued to give to the students and community. Vic has gone out to our schools to check on and work with existing teams so they can get back onto the track and visited new schools that are coming on board to assist them with getting their team organized and ready to hit the track. Vic comes out the day before our event to help set up the track and venue (tires, cones, yellow tape, bike barriers makes no difference to Vic) so that we have a safe and exciting race day. On race day Vic arrives at the crack of dawn to help set up the scoring tower, registration area and final preparations of the track and venue. Vic walks the track looking for anything that may damage a cars tire and makes sure that Charlie did not make the turns to tight, At most races you can find Vic with a broom cleaning off the sand, leaves or water so that our drivers are safe and have fun. It does not stop there, after the race Vic is coordinating with others to get everything taken down, picked up, cleaned up so that we leave the venue in great condition when we leave. Vic is the one that observes everything and writes up the articles for our website after a race day. Vic is an asset to Electrathon of Tampa Bay / Electrathon of Florida because he is able to assist in so many ways in any capacity.

2019 2020 Race Season “They Broke Mine Award”

On October 12, 2019, we held our Electrathon race at Mulberry High School. RYNO Racing Car #365 had a bad day of racing. Ryan Norden, (RYNO Racing) used a past team mate from Middleton High School, Josh Ridout as one of his drivers and Mulberry High School graduate Dillon Meeks as a second driver. The RYNO 365 car did well the first race but late in the second race the rear tire went flat (according to the teams driver) in one of the turns sending the 365 car into a spin out causing it to roll over into the infield on the far end of the track. The car was messed up but the driver did not have a scratch on him or injury of any kind. The RYNO Car #365 has yet to return to the racing circuit and we hope to see them come back for our 2020 – 2021 Race Season.

Last Race of the 2019-2020 Season

On Friday, April 24, 2020 we did not make our annual trip to the Florida Solar Energy Center/University of Central Florida. Normally we are there early in the morning (3 or 4am) to start the set up for our race the next day that is in conjunction with The Energy Whiz Expo. We were not able to meet (around 8am) with our extended family (Susan, Lillian and Kevin) from the FSEC to place the cones and pedestrian rails for our event. By noon we were not able to see our friends (front desk and housekeeping) at Days Inn, Cocoa Beach that take care of our lodging and breakfast. Teams were not able to arrive for Friday night’s dinner at Florida Seafood (their food is awesome) and no one sat beside the pool talking and relaxing or walking the beach.
On Saturday, April 25, 2020 we did not eat our continental breakfast or head to the track. The scoring tower was not set up, and teams did not arrive. This year 26 cars did not attend (wishful thinking) and they did not line up for the first race or ask our Race Steward, Mike Frederick “which way are we going”. Mike did not drop the green flag, cars did not have to pit for issues and no one’s batteries ran low. The checkered flag did not drop for teams to finish in first place for their class. Between races the pits were not busy with teams making adjustments to their cars for the second race. The food vendors were not sending the smell of their food all of the venue and students from all over were not visiting the various activities. Race Steward Mike Frederick did not call for the line up to start the second race and was not asked again, “which way are we going”. The second race did not start or end and there were no winners for the race day. We did not have our awards ceremony for the race and did not have our end of 2019 2020 Race Season recognitions and awards. We did not go back to our hotel and clean up for another great night with our ETO family members over dinner.
On Sunday, April 26, 2020 we did not have a continental breakfast or any long drives home.
We miss all of our ETO family and hope that everyone is safe and staying healthy.


Coronavirus (COVID-19)

On behalf of Electrathon of Tampa Bay / Electrathon of Florida we send greetings and prayers to everyone throughout the World. This is the time for all of us to unite in the prevention and cure of this virus that is still spreading around the world. May we all learn from this worldwide crisis and move forward in a positive manner.


Eneregy Whiz 2020 Cancelled

Please remember to cancel your hotel reservations for the Energy Whiz Event that was scheduled for April 25, 2020. According to Susan at FSEC most reservations have been cancelled. They have not been able to locate Jessica Parker to cancel her reservation as they are not familiar with the name or her role as a guest/event, team sponsor. We are posting this information to assist and support FSEC in their search for this individual.


Author Among Us

Rodney Schreck of Tiger Racing has been traveling around the United States for close to 25 years to attend Electrathon races.
Some of you may know that Rodney wrote and had published his first book, Toby the Princess Warrior, A Fantasy Adventure. This week his book made it to Amazon Prime and Barnes and Noble. Buy your copy of his book and bring it to one of our races for him to autograph.


Florida Schools Closed Until April 15, 2020

Florida public school campuses closed until April 15, state cancels all testing for K-12 schools.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Florida officials announced Tuesday they will eliminate testing requirements this spring for public-school students and extend the time in which kids will learn from home, as the state continues to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic.

Gov. Ron DeSantis said testing requirements for school-readiness, voluntary pre-kindergarten and public-school programs will be canceled for the 2019-2020 school year.

“Requirements for graduation and promotion and final course grades will be evaluated as though those assessments did not exist,” the governor told reporters at a news conference.

Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran also said public schools will extend online learning until April 15. The state will re-evaluate after mid-April if kids should be allowed to go back to campuses, he added.

Most students are in extended spring breaks because of the coronavirus. Four school districts — Duval, Union, Collier and Sumter — have started to implement online learning as they wrap up extended spring breaks this week.

“It is essential that students do not fall behind and are still receiving instruction, even when they are not in the classroom,” Corcoran said in a statement after the news conference.

To ensure all students have access to online learning, DeSantis said school districts will be allowed to dip into “various” pots of unused state funds to help low-income students pay for computers and home-based internet services.

School districts will also be allowed to pay for “virtual” mental-health services for students impacted by the coronavirus, with the help of unspent funds lawmakers allocated for school safety and in-school mental health services, DeSantis said.

Florida Education Association President Fedrick Ingram told The News Service of Florida in a phone interview that he applauds the governor’s efforts to keep students from coming to school and to waive testing requirements.