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Five Flags Speedway Results

On April 27, 2019 the traveling teams from Electrathon of Tampa Bay landed at Five Flags Speedway. Numerous teams arrived after us as everyone from ETO was excited to be at this race and had to get their early. The ETO trailer was full of cars, first to enter the gates and first to be assigned a pit area. The teams liked that.

Electrathon of Tampa Bay thanks Vaughn Nichol and all of the sponsors for inviting us again this year. As they do every year, they provided a great race day, lunch / drinks for all of the teams. Vaughn retired in December 2018 and is enjoying time with the family.

This year, there was a team from St Paul HS in Covington Louisiana. The students built three cars and they look awesome.

They ran lithium batteries and did real well, at the 30 minute mark of the first race they were ahead of USF car 48 until their floor pan dropped out due to the course being so rough.

At the end of the day USF car 48 (Sai) took first place in the open class and first place overall. Our good friend Steve Archer (Archer Racing) of Milton, Florida took second place in the open class and second place overall. Ryno Racing (Ryan) took third place in the open class and third place overall.Tiger Racing car 4 (Rodney) took fourth place in the open class. USF car 132 (John and Stephen) ran well in both races. ETO car 60 the vintage box car ran in both races and even lasted 59 minutes the second race.

May 4 2019 Energy Whiz Olympics Cocoa Florida

Electrathon of Tampa Bay will hold their last race of the season on May 4, 2019. The race will be held in conjunction with the Energy Whiz Olympics located at 1679 Clearlake Road, Cocoa Florida 32922. Each year students from all over come together for this one day event.


The course (red) will be the same as last year, the pit area (blue) will be for team trailers and canopies, all other vehicles will need to be parked in the southeast parking lot so that the race officials can have view of the track during the races.

After the races we will clean up the venue before we hold our race awards and our end of the year/season awards.

Saturday evening, we will all meet at a local restaurant for dinner and fun.

April 27 2019 Five Flags Speedway Pensacola Florida

Electrathon of Tampa Bay Teams will be on the road again this week, heading to Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola Florida. This year we will have the following Teams attending:
USF Car 48 (Sai)
USF Car 132 (John / Stephen)
Tiger Car 4 (Rodney
Ryno Car 365 (Ryan)
ETO Car 60 (Charlie)
We do not have any High School Teams attending this year but this needs to change at the race for 2020.

April 15 2019 Barber Motorsports – Leeds Alabama

On Sunday, April 14, 2019 after the storms / tornado rolled through the area, Electrathon of Tampa Bay Teams headed out of their hotel in Valley Alabama and headed to Leeds Alabama for the Barber Motorsports Electrathon Races that were going to happen on Monday, April 15, 2019. When we arrived and checked into our hotel it was still early. We all headed to the Barber Motorsports Complex to their awesome museum. While there, we were able to see the Chin Racing Team on the track before heading into the museum.

What a display of history, a must see if ever in the area.

On Monday, Teams lined up at the entrance waiting for the okay to enter. Once inside the canopies got set up, cars and equipment unloaded and final work on the cars began.

Teams at this event were:
USF car 48 (Sai), USF car 132 (John/Stephen), Tiger car 4 (Rodney), Ryno car 365 (Ryan) and ETO car 60 (Charlie).

USF 48 was dominate in each race, USF 132 was able to compete in the first race but was not able to get back out on the track for the second race as they blew their battery charger. Ryno 365 did well both races, Tiger 4 had to be towed in towards the end of the first race as the front weld on the axel let go. Rodney got out his welder, fixed the weld and added additional support pieces and raced well the second race. ETO 60 did well the first race and completed 5 laps before the batteries died and in the second race it did well until the batteries died again.

At the end of the day, USF 48 (Sai) took first place, Ryno 365 (Ryan) took second place and Archer Racing 321 (Steve) took third place.

Next year ETO wants to have a number of our High School Teams attend this race as it is a 2.38 mile track that our teams would enjoy.

April 12, 13, 2019 Chambers County Career Tech Race

On April 12th and 13th, teams from Electrathon of Tampa Bay competed on an awesome course with hills (up and down), chicanes and cooler weather than in Tampa. Thanks to Chambers County Career Tech Center and Seth Stehouwer for the invite.

On the 12th the Electrathon cars raced:
USF car 48/68 laps (Sai), Archer Racing car 321/66 laps (Steve), Tiger car 4/59 laps (Rodney), Chambers car 212/37 laps, ETO car 60 (an antique with old batteries) 30 laps (Charlie) and USF car 132/24 laps (Stephen) and a smoking trail as they burned up their controller preventing them from finishing lap 25.

Seth and his volunteers fed us BBQ sandwiches, chips, cookies/ice cream and drinks.

On the 13th the Green Power cars took the track for their High School and then Middle School races. These students are amazing, their drive and dedication was noticed by all during their 90 minute races. One of the car bodies is made with chicken wire, insulation foam, painters tape and fiberglass. Very sleek looking car 106, the team all wore shirts that said NERD.

The Electrathon cars took the course again and did well:
USF car 48/73 laps (Sai), Archer Racing car 321/61 laps (Steve), Tiger car 4/50 laps (Rodney), Chambers car 212/53 laps, ETO car 60/23 laps (John/Stephen/Charlie) and USF car 132 never left the pits.
The Green Power cars HS and then MS took the track again for their second 90 minute races, each of these cars have a cute horn that ETO should implement into our race team cars so drivers can honk at one another to move over.

Thanks again for the invite to Chamber County Career Tech Center.

Electrathon of Tampa Bay Heads to alabama

We have teams leaving on Wednesday and Thursday for Alabama to compete at Chambers County Grand Prix/Chambers County Career Tech Center. Races will be held Friday, April 12th and Saturday, April 13th.

From there we head out on Sunday for Leeds Alabama to race at Barber Motorsports Park on Monday, April 15th.

ETO Teams USF #48 and #132, RYNO #365, Tiger #4 and the antique ETO #60 are confirmed. We have not been able to confirm if Pro EV #39 will be attending. Good Luck Teams

Brandon Eagle 120 Dash April 6, 2019

Electrathon of Tampa Bay will hold their next event on April 6, 2019 at Brandon High School, located at 1101 Victoria Street, Brandon Florida 33510.

This event is one of our most exciting events for our teams and members. Our ETO Teams, Sponsors/Principals and Executive Board Members will DASH around the oval track at the safest and fastest rate of speed that their car can perform for 20 minutes. Once again, the key is “SAFEST”. Our race steward will black flag any driver/car that is not operating with safe driving techniques.

We will have members of the Great American Celebration of Speed attending this event to observe and learn more about ETO as they have invited us to their upcoming World Event on October 11 – 13, 2019 at Daytona Speedway. It will be an honor to have them at our event in preparation of us joining them in October.

Bring the entire family to this FREE, FUN, FILLED day of Electrathon Racing.



Lennard High School March 9, 2019

Our next race will be held at Lennard High School, located at 2342 Shell Point Road, Ruskin Florida 33570. Thanks to Sponsor Jim Reve ETO will hold our second race day ever at Lennard HS and we are looking forward to a great turnout. Our course will be an oval, on the track at the school. The pit area will be outside of the track/football field in the parking lot. The first race will lineup at 9:45am and the green flag for the 1 hour race will drop at 10 am. The second race will line up at 12:45 and the green flag will drop at 1 pm. Once the second race is completed, teams will assist with course and area clean up before the awards ceremony.

Lennard HS Electrathon Sponsor Jim Reve will have a fundraiser (lunch stuff and coffee). Please support them by purchasing your food and drink items from them.

Bring the entire family to this FREE, FUN FILLED DAY of Electrathon Racing.

Red – Track
Yellow – Safety Tape
Blue – Pits
White – Registration
Green – Scoring Tower

University of South Florida February 15-16, 2019

On Friday, February 15th our teams will display their cars at the USF Engineering Expo.

The USF Engineering Expo that is held every year in February, seeks to educate K-12 students on the importance of math, science, engineering and technology within their lives. The Expo (9:00am – 4:00pm) features hands on exhibits and shows that help encourage more students to pursue fields in science and math.

Our Electrathon Races will take place on Saturday, February 16th, line up for the first race will be at 9:45am and the green flag will start the one hour race at 10:00am. After the first race, our teams will have their cars on display in the pit area for guests to check out and ask questions about their car and Electrathon Racing. The line up for our second race will be at 12:45pm and the green flag will start the one hour race at 1:00pm.

The goal for our teams during the race is to conserve their battery power so that they last the entire one hour and still have the most number of completed laps in their class of cars.

ETO has three car class types at this time:
High School Class – students from various high schools that use approved types of batteries
Open Class – colleges/universities and enthusiast’s that also use approved types of batteries
Advanced Battery Class – for certain groups that use approved lithium battery types

The University of South Florida is located at 4202 East Fowler Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33620.

Please come out and enjoy two FREE FUN FILLED DAYS for the entire family.


Electrathon of Tampa Bay is proud/honored to announce the retirement of Fredi Beck from Hillsborough County Public Schools. Fredi has served the School District for 30.5 years, they have lost an outstanding individual from their ranks, good luck on filling her shoes.

Fredi and Tom (Husband) plan to relocate within the next few months to Indiana to be with family and friends. When this takes place, Electrathon of Tampa Bay will loose so much, her knowledge, skills, smile, friendship, dedication and love that she has given us for so many years to our organization. Please reach out to Fredi, show our ETO love and respect by congratulating her on her retirement from the School District.