September 24, 2016 Races at HCC

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Electrathon of Tampa Bay kicked off the 2016-2017 Electrathon and Junior Solar Sprint Race Season on September 24, 2016 at Hillsborough Community College in Brandon Florida. The college was a great host, providing us with snacks and refreshments during the day and a great race course for our teams to compete. We thank everyone that was involved in the scheduling for this race.

We had seven cars representing three high school teams, two cars/teams representing our college/open, and three cars/two teams representing experimental battery. ETO implemented team members (pit crew) wearing safety vests when responding to a down car so drivers can see them on the course. We asked teams to join us at the Longwood Parade on December 3, 2016, driving their car or walking the parade route handing out flyers to promote Electrathon Racing. ETO encouraged teams to plan for the races in Pensacola Florida (Five Flags Speedway), Leeds Alabama (Barber Motor Sports), and Quitman Georgia (Brooks HS, Run for the Peaches). ETO will transport four cars to each of these races in the ETO trailer. We handed out a suggested team structure to our high school and college teams to promote organization and team work.

The first Electrathon Race had a total of twelve cars lined up when the green flag dropped for racing. University of Central Florida had their wheel hub come apart sending a tire down the course, Pro EV with their new motor worked to get the alignment of their chain set. The high school first race results are: 1st Middleton car 80, 2nd Middleton car 365, 3rd Middleton car 133, 4th Brandon car 14, 5th Strawberry Crest car 60, 6th Brandon car 9, 7th Strawberry Crest car 30. The open first race results are: 1st Tiger Racing, 2nd University of Central Florida. The experimental battery first race results are: 1st Electrocutioners car 8, 2nd Electrocutioners car 72, 3rd Pro EV car 39.

The Junior Solar Sprint Races were held between the Electrathon races. Mike Wilson and Don Hasselwood prepared the course; a number of teams competed and had fun. The race results are: 1st Kayla Pagan, 2nd Jacqueline Suarez, and 3rd Jaylin Rasumoff.

The second Electrathon Race started with eleven cars as the University of Central Florida was not able to repair the damages from the loss of their wheel hub in the first race. Our second race had some excitement when Pro EV car 39 spun out in turn one and faced others cars on the track. We are proud of all of our drivers for the way they drove in both races. The high school second race results are: 1st Brandon car 14, 2nd Middleton car 365, 3rd Middleton car 80, 4th Middleton car 133, 5th Brandon car 9, 6th Strawberry Crest car 30, 7th Strawberry Crest car 60. The open second race results are: 1st Tiger Racing. The experimental battery second race results are: 1st Electrocutioners car 8, 2nd Electrocutioners car 72, 3rd Pro EV.

We had a great day of family fun and racing.

Our overall total laps, top three team winners are: High School – 1st Middleton car 365, 2nd Brandon car 14, 3rd Middleton car 80. Open/College – 1st Tiger Racing car 4, 2nd University of Central Florida car 823. Experimental Battery – 1st Electrocutioners car 8, 2nd Electrocutioners car 72, 3rd Pro EV.

Mark your calendars for our next race, October 22, 2016 at Tampa Bay Technical High School, 6410 Orient Road, Tampa Florida 33610.

Video by Strawberry Crest HS at HCC in Brandon, Florida

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