Last Race of the 2019-2020 Season

On Friday, April 24, 2020 we did not make our annual trip to the Florida Solar Energy Center/University of Central Florida. Normally we are there early in the morning (3 or 4am) to start the set up for our race the next day that is in conjunction with The Energy Whiz Expo. We were not able to meet (around 8am) with our extended family (Susan, Lillian and Kevin) from the FSEC to place the cones and pedestrian rails for our event. By noon we were not able to see our friends (front desk and housekeeping) at Days Inn, Cocoa Beach that take care of our lodging and breakfast. Teams were not able to arrive for Friday night’s dinner at Florida Seafood (their food is awesome) and no one sat beside the pool talking and relaxing or walking the beach.
On Saturday, April 25, 2020 we did not eat our continental breakfast or head to the track. The scoring tower was not set up, and teams did not arrive. This year 26 cars did not attend (wishful thinking) and they did not line up for the first race or ask our Race Steward, Mike Frederick “which way are we going”. Mike did not drop the green flag, cars did not have to pit for issues and no one’s batteries ran low. The checkered flag did not drop for teams to finish in first place for their class. Between races the pits were not busy with teams making adjustments to their cars for the second race. The food vendors were not sending the smell of their food all of the venue and students from all over were not visiting the various activities. Race Steward Mike Frederick did not call for the line up to start the second race and was not asked again, “which way are we going”. The second race did not start or end and there were no winners for the race day. We did not have our awards ceremony for the race and did not have our end of 2019 2020 Race Season recognitions and awards. We did not go back to our hotel and clean up for another great night with our ETO family members over dinner.
On Sunday, April 26, 2020 we did not have a continental breakfast or any long drives home.
We miss all of our ETO family and hope that everyone is safe and staying healthy.


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