2019 2020 Race Season “They Broke Mine Award”

On October 12, 2019, we held our Electrathon race at Mulberry High School. RYNO Racing Car #365 had a bad day of racing. Ryan Norden, (RYNO Racing) used a past team mate from Middleton High School, Josh Ridout as one of his drivers and Mulberry High School graduate Dillon Meeks as a second driver. The RYNO 365 car did well the first race but late in the second race the rear tire went flat (according to the teams driver) in one of the turns sending the 365 car into a spin out causing it to roll over into the infield on the far end of the track. The car was messed up but the driver did not have a scratch on him or injury of any kind. The RYNO Car #365 has yet to return to the racing circuit and we hope to see them come back for our 2020 – 2021 Race Season.

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